Photo on 2012-08-17 at 18.05My name is Sarah Romoslawski and I am a game designer, games user researcher, games producer, and occassional artist.  I live in the Bay Area and work in the video games industry.  Much of my game design work has been for new platforms including a multimodal learning lab called SMALLab and the Sifteo cubes.  I wrapped up working as a game designer for Sifteo in June 2013.  Being a startup, I wore many hats at Sifteo.  From making paper prototypes to games to running our company playtesting effort, it was an experience where I grew and learned each day.  I was there long enough that I was able to create and user test games for both the Original Cube and New Sifteo Cube platforms.  Playtesting (or games user research) is such an important part of the design process.  While at Sifteo I was tasked with building up a team of producers and game designers who, including myself, supported playtesting games with the Sifteo target audience, kids ages 6 and up.  Deemed as the office PlayLab (thanks Laurie Peterson for the name), we regularly tested our games both in the office, at off-site locations and in the home.

Prior to Sifteo, I was a games producer at Pogo.com.  While there I worked on a variety of projects but my proudest moment was Daily Hot Shots, a user-generated content game that I co-designed with a most radical team of engineers, producers and artist.   DHS gave Pogo(tm) Mini fans the chance to be a fashion stylist on a daily basis.  Challenges ranged from Nascar events to the Bronte-inspired where participants were tasked to “dress your model for a frolic on the banks of the English moors”.  Upon sunset of the game, die-hard fans started up their own daily game on Badge Hungry, a prominent Pogo fan site.  They still write their own challenges and share their creations to this day.

My graduate school research was part of an amazing project called SMALLab, or the Situated Multimedia Arts Learning Lab.  The SMALLab was an interactive multimedia experience projected onto a 15 x 15′ footprint.  Thus, between SMALLab and Sifteo I have gone from huge screen to tiny screen.  What size is next?

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