Rumrunners: A Prohibition Era Street Game


Rumrunners was co-designed, co-produced and co-directed by Catherine Herdlick and Sarah Romoslawski

Dates Run

So far, Rumrunners has only been run once — November 9th, 2013 at the San Francisco Come Out and Play Festival.  We hope to run it again, it was a lot of fun and a huge success.


Rumrunners is a street game played IRL.

About the Game

It is the year 1925. The Volstead Act, or the National Prohibition Act, is well underway. The bootlegging of liquor, beer and wine is not just a reality in San Francisco, it is a complete and systematic way of life. Everyone is still thirsty and speakeasies, hotels and houses of ill repute need their hootch. Rumrunners race around the city delivering bathtub gin, illegally imported Canadian liquor, and raisin cake red wine and they are seeing plenty of green in return. Now is YOUR chance to earn money! You will partner up with someone else and both of you will become rumrunners. Whether you are flapper Mae Hannigan, Jib Deluthe the fish monger, or Arden MacLysle the Australian rancher, YOU are the one who needs to deliver hootch safely and most importantly, secretly around the city. While on duty, show your boss that you and your team are the best rumrunners in town by accessing as many pickup and delivery locations as you can hit. As you and your partner race around the city, watch out for hijackers, dirty cops, short-changing clients and most importantly the prohi agents (feds)! The team that makes the most money from their deliveries WINS!


Rumrunners acrtors Melinda Greene and Jane Strohm manage the boss location — the Abbey Street Home Speakeasy!
Rumrunners actor Alan Delos Santos shows off the player packets. Players will only gain the new packets and thus unlock new information if they hit Alan’s secret pickup location where he supplies bathtub gin, raisin cake wine, and other illicit beverages.
Rumrunners actors Kenzie Paulus and Rotimi Agbabiaka manage the Dehon Alley pickup location in their perfect 1920’s getups.
A player delivers hooch to fulfill an order in front of San Francisco’s Elixir Saloon. Actors Megan Myers and Jibran Kutik pose as 1920’s speakeasy managers.


Rumrunners had ten total teams, each with at least two players and five additional individual players who posed as federal prohibition agents.
Individual players signed up to roam the San Francisco streets as “prohis” – or federal agents – that could confiscate another player’s entire stash of hooch with a single tap on the shoulder.


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