TMNT Ninja Slide

Release Date

November 2012


Sifteo Cubes


TMNT:Ninja Slide is a sliding block puzzle adventure game. It draws from games like ThinkFun’s Rush Hour and Nintendo classics like Adventures of Lolo, one of my favorite games as a child. In this game the player must “think like a Ninja” while manipulating the Ninja Turtles through a series of logic and spatial puzzles but tilting, rotating and neighboring the cubes. Navigation through the puzzles increases with difficulty with additions such as pressure plates, ninja-star throwing Foot Clan, exploding Mousers, crumbling roof tops and dangerous saw blades.


Lead Designer
Light Scripting

Ninja Slide on Sifteo Cubes
Ninja Slide on Sifteo Cubes


Early Wireframes

Donnie's attack pattern, early concept
Donnie’s attack pattern, early concept
MIkey's attack pattern, early concept
MIkey’s attack pattern, early concept
Early step diagrams
Early step diagrams demonstrating Sifteo gestures

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