Reflections on Playtesting at Sifteo, Part 1

While at Sifteo, my title was Game Designer, however, I took on the role of leading playtesting for all the pack-in titles for the gen 2 New Sifteo Cube launch. ¬† Thus, Sifteo needed¬†to test five titles all at once — Chroma Splash, Word Caravan…

Ninja Slide on Sifteo Cubes

TMNT Ninja Slide

Release Date November 2012 Platform: Sifteo Cubes Genre TMNT:Ninja Slide is a sliding block puzzle adventure game. It draws from games like ThinkFun’s Rush Hour and Nintendo classics like Adventures of Lolo, one of my favorite games as a child. In this game the player…


Word Caravan

Platform Sifteo Cubes Genre Word Puzzle Game About the Game Go on a puzzling adventure with Doc Henry Bhat. Find puzzle boxes along the route of the ancient Silk Road and unscramble words from each regions language. The clues will get you closer to where…


Creativity Kit Multiple Choice

Platform Original Sifteo Cubes Genre Quiz Game — DIY About the Game Creativity Kit multiple choice allows users to create trivia games for their Sifteo cubes. Input questions and answers in the Siftrunner tool and instantly run your game. My Roles Producer, Lead Playtester