Daily Hot Shots

Release Date

November 16, 2010


Web game on Pogo.com


Asynchronous Social Game — dress-up, user-generated content, voting

About the Game

Daily Hot Shots, or DHS for short was a daily social game available on Pogo.com Each day, players could dress up a Pogo(tm) Mini model for that day’s photoshoot challenge. Furthermore, players could vote on the entries from the day before and earn Pogo tokens for their finished entries. Players with high scores won free virtual goods to dress up their personal Minis.

The business goal of the game was to take the vast collection of virtual Mini content and turn it into a social game. Unfortunately, the game was sunsetted in March of 2012, however the game’s core mechanic is recreated daily on Badgehungry.com by die-hard fans.



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