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Oct 7, 2013

Games User Research is for Game Design!

During Fall 2012 I presented with Marina Kobayashi at the San Francisco Game Design Conference.  Not to be confused with GDC, the Game Design Conference was a smaller event that focused solely on aspects of game design. The talk defines Games User Research (GUR), and includes two perspectives on practicing GUR at different companies with drastically different budgets.  Furthermore the talk provides concrete examples on how to use GUR with different platforms, genres, and with different target audiences. The talk is available on...

Sep 19, 2013

Video Work — Omulu Capoeira SF Batizado

For the last two years I have practiced capoeira, a martial art from Brazil. My group plans on attending the big Batizado and Encontro event in LA. We held an Indiegogo fundraiser to raise funds in support of the LA group that hosts the event. I edited the video that we used on the Indiegogo page. Check out the video...

Sep 14, 2013

Reflections on Sifteo Playtesting Part 2 — Collaborating with Marketing

While I was at Sifteo I managed the games team’s playtesting service.  Dubbed the office PlayLab by our marketing VP, Laurie Peterson, I took on PlayLab’s games user research studies while the marketing team ran product, branding and packaging focused studies. We often piggy-backed off of each other’s recruited participants and even helped each other with observation on the various studies, which worked out really well.  For example, if I had a large homeschooling group coming in to play Sandwich Kingdom or Low Rollr I would reach out to the...


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